A whole new world of healing!

There is usually much confusion when it comes to energy healing.  What is it really?  How does it work? How can something you can’t see be responsible for miraculous health?  Can energy really shift ‘bad vibes’ or protect us?  Do alternative therapies really heal people – for good?  If so, why are people afraid of trying it?

Well It’s impossible to answer all these questions in this short blurb, but my aim is for people to understand how incredibly natural this phenomenon is.  And most importantly, how we all possess the power to heal ourselves!    


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Energy Healing and Holistic Health – the Future of Medicine

Unresolved issues from emotional pain, events or trauma create imprints that sit in our energy field for many years.  These imprints can be from our current lifetime, genetic inheritance and/or past lives.  It is these imprints that cause an energetic imbalance often manifesting into disease, behavioural patterns, pain and ailments.  Whenever an energetic imbalance occurs, it will affect the physical body in some way.  It is like the body’s way of calling out for some help!      

The body is remarkable in its ability to heal itself.  By clearing these imprints, the body is no longer halted in its natural healing processes.  And that is where energy healing comes in.

Energy healing comes in many forms, but the principle is the same.  Remove the imbalance so the body can heal itself.  No matter which modality you use, corrections are essentially done through Divine energy transference and/or subconscious acknowledgement.  Be sure you choose a good reputable healer and go with your instinct.  Tip: You will know you have found the right healer when you start seeing the results!

Most importantly, it helps to remember that the greatest healing can often be in the journey.     

I have loved every forensic healing with Tani and there have been many so far. I tend to know, what needs working on and Tani always hits the nail on the head by guiding me through the healing and getting rid of my past life hindrances, that i have managed to bring into this life. I feel uplifted, unrestricted and ready for anything. Thank you amazing Tani xx

Leesa H 35yrs, VIC Australia


Forensic Healing

Absolutely loved my session with Tani! I instantly felt so at ease upon arriving and wow – she knows her stuff!! Forensic has absolutely changed my life for the better and I have found such a confidence and passion for life since my sessions with Tani Thank you so much!! Blessings xo    October 2016

Lauren K 26yrs, VIC Australia


Forensic Healing