Mystic Dragonfly

Mystic Dragonfly began in 2011 as a little crystal shop in Werribee, Vic,  Australia.  It wasn’t long before it became a haven for those seeking peace, knowledge and understanding.

The storefront unexpectedly closed in 2013 when the owner Tani, an alternative therapist and meditation facilitator, was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was no longer able to maintain the crystal shop.  However, the magic of Mystic Dragonfly continued to inspire, nurture and provide knowledge through the power of social media.

Through alternative therapies and holistic health, Tani cured her ‘incurable’ illness and in 2016, returned to help others who were trapped behind mystery illnesses.  The three year CFS journey has armed her with more insights, knowledge and inspiration for freeing chronic and everyday ailments through holistic and natural methods.

Tani is still affectionately known as THE Mystic Dragonfly and with a wealth of new knowledge she is once again looking forward to … Empowering the Light within You!