Curing My CFS

I came across Forensic Healing while looking for alternative healing methods for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). I had been told by doctors that CFS was a chronic illness with no cure and very little help to manage the symptoms like extreme fatigue, brain fog, chronic mental exhaustion, muscular aches, painful feet, slurred speech, and the list goes on. But I was an energy healer (oh, the irony to endure such a debilitating illness that is based on having no energy!) So I knew that all illnesses were a result from an imbalance within my energy field. I just had to find those imbalances – and then correct them.

At first I was the ‘guinea pig’ to what worked and what didn’t. I love alternative therapies and the good news is that many healing modalities offered relief from some of my symptoms while some others offered insights into what had contributed towards the illness. Everything helps when you are dealing with a chronic illness! But I was still suffering the debilitating effects of CFS relapses.

Then I discovered the wonderful world of Forensic Healing! This incredible healing system was introduced to the world by the equally fabulous and inspirationalaa-fh-pic.png Marisa Russo who created this modality from years of research into curing her own ailments. Forensic Healing holds the power to instantly resolve numerous health issues whether they stem from emotional, mental, physical or spiritual origins.

Pain and illness can often be the result of an imbalance within the body and can be a valuable teacher in alerting us to what is not in alignment. But true healing is much more than alleviating pain and symptoms. True healing is what Forensic Healing can offer us.

Forensic Healing (FH) identifies and eliminates the root cause through simple muscle testing and the trustworthy ‘protocol’ given to FH practitioners. With the new Soul module added to the original manual, there are now 100+ healing corrections available and each session is tailored to the client.

Through this modality, healing is achieved on many layers providing lasting health benefits, clarity and empowerment for every individual.   Chronic illnesses including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), usually consist of deep layers of illness that have accumulated and/or been suppressed over time. With Forensic Healing, I was able to work through each layer, and identify each and every one easily. My symptoms began to diminish as each area I worked on removed another trigger. It was the triggers that were creating the symptoms. Before I knew it, my good days were lasting longer, and I was making plans for the future! My life was not over. I did not have to get used to being bedbound for the rest of my life. Through the following weeks, I was regaining control over my life and wellbeing. The relapses were few and far between and it felt good! I was even looking forward to exercising =\

Forensic Healing can unlock the deepest secrets hidden within your subconscious mind and energy field for quick and effective clearing and healing. One of the most commonly praised aspects of Forensic Healing is that in many cases the healing can take place without needing to verbalise the issue or re-experience any traumatic events. And healing is often instantaneous!

Today I am healthy, outgoing and enjoying life again. I have been working for 3 years now and have never experienced another relapse. I’m even a part-time dance instructor! Big step from five years ago when I couldn’t dress myself or even walk to my bedroom door.

The first two photos below shows me in 2014 (during a relapse and between) and the third photo is me the following year after removing the triggers!

The CFS journey

I am so indebted to this fabulous modern healing system that I became a Diploma certified Forensic Healer. It had done so much for me – it freed me from a life sentence – that all I wanted to do was help other people who were stuck in a similar situation like I was. Since then I have enjoyed helping so many to break through those walls to find their freedom.

I know I definitely found my freedom through Forensic Healing ❤



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