Past Life Therapy

Do you know those moments when you remember places that you have never visited, or you see someone that you instantly recognise although you have never met them before? Well, those memories are real, and they are probably from another time.

The human body contains millions of cells that are constantly communicating with each other. Each cell stores information. Information that has come from current lifetime experiences, genetic or inherited lineage and, from the akashic soul of the person.

Unexplained fears, phobias and health impairments could be related to past lives. Emotional blocks and negative patterns can be the result of contracts or vows made in previous lifetimes. All of which are easy to correct and understand through past life regressions.

A Past Life Therapy session is a relaxing meditative process that enables you to retrieve information from one or more of your past lives. Amazingly, this information can free you from a block in your current physical reality in just one session!

Before a past life therapy session begins, the client sets an intention for what they wish to achieve from the session. This is necessary to keep the focus on one relative incident and/or lifetime. Without a set intention it is very probable that the client will drift from one lifetime to another without getting any information that could help them in this lifetime.

The main directive of Past Life Therapy as an alternative healing modality is to bring greater health and wellbeing to the client. As with any energy-based healing modality, it is so important to keep the integrity of this kind of work to its highest level so as not to taint its effectiveness.

The client is then guided via a soft and gentle meditation to travel back in time to recover information relating to their intention. Intentions can range from the lack of self-confidence, infertility, self-sabotage, or simple curiosity of mystic powers. Whatever the intention, it is usually personal and means a lot to the client. What I have found is that the client’s subconscious or innate already knows of the best intention to help with its own personal growth. I have seen the innate and Divine intelligence override any intention that is not based with sincerity or integrity!

For the client, the whole experience is deeply relaxing – and strangely fascinating at the same time. Upon landing in a previous lifetime, you may see events unfold much like watching a movie. Or you may see nothing at all but feel or ‘know’ what is happening, like being inside the main character who may be blind. Most people instantly recognise themselves and can tell me how old they are, what they are wearing, what they are seeing and what era or dimension they may be in. Yes dimensions, which is extremely fascinating!

They often can feel everything that this other self is feeling. As the facilitator, this is important information for me. I can monitor what is going on in case I need to move them forward – or backwards – to another significant moment, or even lifetime depending on what the client is experiencing. My main focus is the health of my client and the key to past life therapy is not to go back to ‘relive’ a past life but to find the information we need for this lifetime.

What is so great about past life therapy is that immediate healing can be achieved through the powerful acknowledgement that current issues are based on past life events. The feeling can be likened to ‘light bulb moments’ as the flash of clarity brings understanding and instantly negates the issue, which is often set as the intention.

Each session concludes with a quick Divine healing and then the client is gently brought back to the present. A glass of water with a short discussion afterwards, assists with grounding the client and further clarity before they leave.

Clients can feel a pleasant tingling sensation running through their body after a session. This is the physical proof that changes are occurring within the client’s genetic/akashic DNA thus providing further confirmation that an issue has been resolved.

Not often but at times, especially when dealing with deeper health issues, a person’s body can feel the effects of nausea, vertigo and/or heat during the session.  This can happen when the body’s consciousness recognises that it does not need to hold that memory anymore and so it immediately starts to repair and alter its genetic/akashic DNA, while the person is still deep in regression. If this should occur, the session is immediately brought to a safe and gentle close.  Time is allowed for the body to return to normal, while discussing the session over a glass of water.

This has happened twice when I was working with clients who were wanting children and had tried other means but with no results.  These sessions were deep and specifically tailored to infertility.  I am pleased and quite proud to say that both clients became pregnant only a week after the session and have beautiful, healthy babies.

When working with a person’s energy field or subconscious, it is very important to remember that their energy remains very attached to their physical body. Changes in the energy field will affect the physical body. Everything is connected.

Sessions are tailored to the client and kept highly confidential.  A recording of the session is done for reference only, and a copy of the recording can be sent to the client. Listening back to the recording is encouraged as the therapist only hears what has been spoken out loud. Quite often the client recalls a lot more when listening to the recording.

So whether it is out of curiosity, or to release fears and phobias, or to acquire a deeper understanding of your Infinite Self, Past Life Therapy offers a truly unique experience!



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