Endo or Entity

Before I start, I want to enforce that in no way can I diagnose a medical condition.  As an energy therapist, I can only correct an energetic imbalance in the goal to eliminate symptoms presented to me at the time of my clients session.   But todays session was interesting and certainly thought-provoking.

I worked with a female client who suffers from extremely painful and heavy periods, and has done so for a very long time.  We have been trying to work together for some time to not only try to relieve the pain but to find out the metaphysical and/or holistic cause of her condition.

A Hands on Healing session on the area a day prior had relieved much of the ‘grabbing’ pain for several hours but as time went on, the crippling pain started to return.  But today, time permitted for us to try a Forensic Healing session and we were both excited to see what would unfold during the session.

Quite often and what I love most about doing Forensic Healing is that we have no idea on where the healing might take us.  Will it take us to a traumatic moment in time that we have unknowingly kept within our energy?  Will it take us to a past life event?   Is it diet related, based on emotions, or perhaps a generational curse?  It is also not unusual for a Forensic Healing session to take us to the client’s priority point instead of staying with our intention; meaning there is something that needs to be cleared before we can get to our stated intention and the true origin!

Whatever the pathway, you can be sure that the body consciousness already knows what needs to be done for healing to occur; often before the session has even started.  What we weren’t prepared for though was the many synchronicities, and validations, and what was really hiding within my client.

The healing session started off with the usual ease.  Case opened, archetypes identified, ID age confirmed.  And then a familiar push came through me; the push that usually represents an entity that needs to be removed immediately.  Words, energy and corrections came rushing out…  And then it was gone.  aa FH pic

That’s the beauty of Forensic Healing.  Once identified, things like that are removed quickly, safely and easily.  Tears flowed from my client’s eyes and yet she was smiling.  She looked at me and said “What the hell was that?!!” and then “I felt that but now I feel nothing – I mean good – I feel good but I feel no pain”

It seems from the tender age of 10 years, she had an unwanted energy residing within her uterus (the story is often told through the Forensic Healing protocol, scan lists and corrections).  My client confirmed that she had already begun menstruation (uterus/sacral chakra) by the age of 10 but it was also the age of an indecent assault (invasive negative energy).  Her tears were the sadness that she had lived with that pain for so long.  My client endured no further pain during her period, not even a twinge and we are eagerly awaiting her next period.  Yep I know – that sounds really weird and a little creepy haha but the good news is that her following period also was pain-free.

The confirmations and results from this session reminded me of another incidence last year where I scanned a person with endometriosis and sensed three dark energies within her reproductive area.  Although further information from the energy scan was confirmed on the day, she never went to a healing session.  And I get it, this kind of stuff can be quite confronting and really challenges belief systems.

But it does make me wonder if some of the painful disorders that afflict our bodies could be the result of negative emotions or energies dwelling within…  I mean holistically speaking, it is possible.  It is definitely a theory that I will research more.

But for now I’m happy.  Another person is pain free and has found their freedom through Forensic Healing!

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