Lockdown Chaos & Creations

Anxiety, bewilderment, confusion, chaos… for some reason the energies are feeling pretty intense right now. This can also create physical symptoms like nausea, fatigue, mind fog, headaches and generally an all-round slump in your energy. And that is understandable considering the information overload that has been coming through in the last few weeks. A lot of information that has threatened or has already knocked us off, our beliefs, our structures, even our foundations.

On top of that is our sudden consistent use of TVs, laptops, computers, iPads/notebooks and smartphones. Let’s not forget that this equipment radiates EMFs which has already been scientifically proven to affect our moods, our health and our wellbeing. Even I forgot in the midst of self iso/lockdown the very important use of placing cleansing crystals such as fluorite and shungite to protect my own energy field when using this equipment!

And on top of that we have our own personal freedoms being taken away. Whether we believe in the pandemic (‘dem’ between ‘panic’) we are still abiding by the policies and safety measures in place. This also affects our personal beliefs, our structures, our foundations.

And on top of ALL of that (!!) many of us are either Empaths or have sensitive energy fields that are being battered by the silent wars that are surrounding us. Whether you have kept up to date with the alternative media or not, we are ALL being affected by what is going on around the world.

And let’s not get into the extreme solar flares that are and have been hitting our planet over the last few weeks…but I think you are now starting to understand why things are feeling a little too intense!

For those spiritually awakened or have been doing the solid inner work on ourselves over the last 5-10 years, the best place for us is going within! Finding our inner calm/peace, nurturing ourselves and our planet, keeping our vibrations high through meditation, chanting, aromatherapies and anything that brings us joy within. Aren’t we glad that we were hammered (or universally guided/pushed 😉 ) into going within, releasing the past and all those old hurts/trauma/baggage for soooo many years!!

But let’s spare a thought for those who didn’t. These people are not only being forcibly awakened to information overload/overwhelm but they don’t know how (or want to yet) go within and find their inner peace/calm. They have lived their whole lives reacting and living externally. They do not know how to go within to keep out of the storm.

They too, will need to feel safe, nurtured and separate from the storm that is circling around us. They too, will need to stay sane, centred and grounded in their own energy. We are one, after all. And collectively we need everyone’s vibrations to stay high!

So what can we do to help? Suggest activities that do not involve technology. Remind them it’s not forever, it’s just to help take the edge of the intense feelings/emotions that we are all experiencing.

My suggestion for those who are not accustomed to their inner self/space is to take up a craft project. It may sound lame at first, but this covers a range of things to do; knitting, sewing, tapestry, painting, making pom poms – whatever it takes to get your mind off the world for a moment.  These activities not only centre your energy but grounds you as well. Companies like Spotlight have a huge scope of ideas (yes, you can quickly jump online to order and download templates)!! Activities like these can include all members of your family.

So stay safe, stay well and have fun.

craft flowers


Published by Tani King

Energy Therapist, Intuitive, Starseed

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