Our Story So Far…

Affectionately known as “the little crystal shop in Werribee”, Mystic Dragonfly has evolved into a true centrepoint for healing, growth and enlightenment.
Though the shop has since closed its doors, Mystic Dragonfly has maintained its reputation for being a pinnacle of love, learning and Empowering the Light within you by combining heart-centred healing with research, a multitude of modalities, crystals and various healing supplies.
Our goal at Mystic Dragonfly is to best equip you with everything that you need to be able to lead the life you were destined to lead!

TANI KING – Meet your local ET!

With a strong interest in holistic and metaphysical healing, Tani has established substantial knowledge and understanding in treating physical ailments through energywork.  Over the years, Tani has attained several accreditations in various alternative modalities including Forensic Healing (Diploma), Metaphysical Holistic Healing (Diploma) and Biochemic Therapy (Diploma).  Tani is a qualified Reiki Master, Crystal Healing Therapist, Meditation facilitator and Past Life/Soul Recall practitioner.

I think being born with psychic and healing abilities, I have always had a natural affinity with the esoteric and metaphysical worlds.  To understand my gifts and myself, I have spent most of my life researching various subjects including numerology, vibrational medicine, HSPs, past lives, astrology, Empaths and Starseeds.  My most intriguing interests lie within quantum healing and our galactic origins.  In particular, is the connection between generational traumas and chronic disorders, including ASD. My other interests are meditation, art, dancing, writing, spending time in nature and having way too much fun with my grandchildren!
I believe we all hold the greatest potential to create a better world for ourselves, our children, their children and for all future generations.  But first we need to clear the roadblocks by releasing the past; emotionally, spiritually, physically. With energywork, it’s so much easier than you think!  And think how much freer you will feel within yourself.. When you consider we are all made up of energy, it’s only natural that energy can also help us to heal.”

2010-2020 Tanya D King – Dip.ForensicHealing, Dip.MetaphysicalHolisticHealing, Dip.Biochemic Therapy, Reiki Master, Crystal Energy Therapy, Soul Recall/Past Life Therapy

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