With a strong interest in holistic and metaphysical healing, Tani has attained several accreditations in various alternative modalities, and has established substantial knowledge and understanding in treating physical ailments through energywork.

Born an intuitive empath with psychic and healing abilities, Tani has a natural affinity with the esoteric and metaphysical worlds, and has spent most of her life researching various subjects including quantum healing, vibrational medicine, astro-numerology, empaths, starseeds, HSPs, galactic origins and more.

Tani is a Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist, as well as a Past Life Therapist and Soul Recall Regression facilitator.  She holds a Diploma in the internationally acclaimed Forensic Healing and is an accredited Tissue Salt practitioner ( Biochemic Therapy).


In 2011, Tani opened a little crystal shop in Werribee, Vic, Australia called Mystic Dragonfly.  It wasn’t long before it became a haven for those seeking peace, knowledge and understanding.   Sadly, when Tani was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2013, the storefront unexpectedly closed.  Thankfully through the power of social media, Mystic Dragonfly continued to inspire, nurture and provide knowledge to all its followers.

Faced with a debilitating and ‘incurable’ illness, Tani directed her attention to healing herself through alternative therapies and holistic wisdom.  With her health renewed, she has returned to help others find their freedom through energy therapies.  Gifted with further insights, knowledge and inspiration for freeing chronic and everyday ailments through holistic and natural methods, the original Mystic Dragonfly is once again looking forward to Empowering the Light Within You!

“We all hold the potential to create an incredible world for ourselves and for future generations.  But first we all need to clear & heal the wounds of the past, of which we all carry only to pass on to the next generation.
Natural alternative therapies, and especially energywork, allows us to do this healing safely, quickly, and easily.​​
My passion is to return us to our true essence, our natural state and to reconnect with our own Divinity and purpose.  When everything is made of energy, it’s only natural that energy can also heal us.”


2010-2019 Tani Dorothea King – Dip.ForensicHealing, Dip.MetaphysicalHolisticHealing, Crystal Energy Therapy, Reiki Master, Past Life Therapy, Soul Recall Regression, Dip.Biochemic Therapy, Grandmother, Visionary