About Tani

Hi and thank you for visiting my website.

Being born with unique intuitive and healing gifts, it was a natural progression to find out more about energy and how it can be used to heal the body.  Little did I realise that it would lead to me to an amazing and colourful library of connection, love and other worlds.FH brochure pic

As an Intuitive and Energy Therapist, I specialise in alternative & holistic therapies to bring balance to the natural form.  I am also the founder of Mystic Dragonfly and the creator of the Soul Destiny Profile.

My goal here is to share information, eliminate the fear of moving forward, inspire you towards an incredible future, encourage you to think beyond and most importantly help you heal within.

For I believe, it is our own unique ripples that will help bring about the changes needed to create a better world for us all.  And I know it will be worth it!

Throughout my life, I have continually studied many areas of research surrounding metaphysics, numerology, ancient civilisations, crystals and vibrational medicine, quantum physics and holistic health. This innate drive to learn has naturally led to many qualifications and it has also led to believing that absolutely everything happens for a reason!

So whether it’s for Empowerment, Energy or Enchantment, know you are here for a reason also.  And enjoy!

Blessings, Tani xo


2010-2018 Tani Dorothea – Dip.ForensicHealing, Dip.MetaphysicalHolisticHealing, ReikiMaster, PastLifeTherapist, Dip.BiochemicTherapy, CrystalEnergyTherapist