Lockdown Chaos & Creations

Anxiety, bewilderment, confusion, chaos… for some reason the energies are feeling pretty intense right now. This can also create physical symptoms like nausea, fatigue, mind fog, headaches and generally an all-round slump in your energy. And that is understandable considering the information overload that has been coming through in the last few weeks. A lot of information that has threatened or has already knocked us off, our beliefs, our structures, even our foundations.

On top of that is our sudden consistent use of TVs, laptops, computers, iPads/notebooks and smartphones. Let’s not forget that this equipment radiates EMFs which has already been scientifically proven to affect our moods, our health and our wellbeing. Even I forgot in the midst of self iso/lockdown the very important use of placing cleansing crystals such as fluorite and shungite to protect my own energy field when using this equipment!

And on top of that we have our own personal freedoms being taken away. Whether we believe in the pandemic (‘dem’ between ‘panic’) we are still abiding by the policies and safety measures in place. This also affects our personal beliefs, our structures, our foundations.

And on top of ALL of that (!!) many of us are either Empaths or have sensitive energy fields that are being battered by the silent wars that are surrounding us. Whether you have kept up to date with the alternative media or not, we are ALL being affected by what is going on around the world.

And let’s not get into the extreme solar flares that are and have been hitting our planet over the last few weeks…but I think you are now starting to understand why things are feeling a little too intense!

For those spiritually awakened or have been doing the solid inner work on ourselves over the last 5-10 years, the best place for us is going within! Finding our inner calm/peace, nurturing ourselves and our planet, keeping our vibrations high through meditation, chanting, aromatherapies and anything that brings us joy within. Aren’t we glad that we were hammered (or universally guided/pushed 😉 ) into going within, releasing the past and all those old hurts/trauma/baggage for soooo many years!!

But let’s spare a thought for those who didn’t. These people are not only being forcibly awakened to information overload/overwhelm but they don’t know how (or want to yet) go within and find their inner peace/calm. They have lived their whole lives reacting and living externally. They do not know how to go within to keep out of the storm.

They too, will need to feel safe, nurtured and separate from the storm that is circling around us. They too, will need to stay sane, centred and grounded in their own energy. We are one, after all. And collectively we need everyone’s vibrations to stay high!

So what can we do to help? Suggest activities that do not involve technology. Remind them it’s not forever, it’s just to help take the edge of the intense feelings/emotions that we are all experiencing.

My suggestion for those who are not accustomed to their inner self/space is to take up a craft project. It may sound lame at first, but this covers a range of things to do; knitting, sewing, tapestry, painting, making pom poms – whatever it takes to get your mind off the world for a moment.  These activities not only centre your energy but grounds you as well. Companies like Spotlight have a huge scope of ideas (yes, you can quickly jump online to order and download templates)!! Activities like these can include all members of your family.

So stay safe, stay well and have fun.

craft flowers


Endo or Entity

Before I start, I want to enforce that in no way can I diagnose a medical condition.  As an energy therapist, I can only correct an energetic imbalance in the goal to eliminate symptoms presented to me at the time of my clients session.   But todays session was interesting and certainly thought-provoking.

I worked with a female client who suffers from extremely painful and heavy periods, and has done so for a very long time.  We have been trying to work together for some time to not only try to relieve the pain but to find out the metaphysical and/or holistic cause of her condition.

A Hands on Healing session on the area a day prior had relieved much of the ‘grabbing’ pain for several hours but as time went on, the crippling pain started to return.  But today, time permitted for us to try a Forensic Healing session and we were both excited to see what would unfold during the session.

Quite often and what I love most about doing Forensic Healing is that we have no idea on where the healing might take us.  Will it take us to a traumatic moment in time that we have unknowingly kept within our energy?  Will it take us to a past life event?   Is it diet related, based on emotions, or perhaps a generational curse?  It is also not unusual for a Forensic Healing session to take us to the client’s priority point instead of staying with our intention; meaning there is something that needs to be cleared before we can get to our stated intention and the true origin!

Whatever the pathway, you can be sure that the body consciousness already knows what needs to be done for healing to occur; often before the session has even started.  What we weren’t prepared for though was the many synchronicities, and validations, and what was really hiding within my client.

The healing session started off with the usual ease.  Case opened, archetypes identified, ID age confirmed.  And then a familiar push came through me; the push that usually represents an entity that needs to be removed immediately.  Words, energy and corrections came rushing out…  And then it was gone.  aa FH pic

That’s the beauty of Forensic Healing.  Once identified, things like that are removed quickly, safely and easily.  Tears flowed from my client’s eyes and yet she was smiling.  She looked at me and said “What the hell was that?!!” and then “I felt that but now I feel nothing – I mean good – I feel good but I feel no pain”

It seems from the tender age of 10 years, she had an unwanted energy residing within her uterus (the story is often told through the Forensic Healing protocol, scan lists and corrections).  My client confirmed that she had already begun menstruation (uterus/sacral chakra) by the age of 10 but it was also the age of an indecent assault (invasive negative energy).  Her tears were the sadness that she had lived with that pain for so long.  My client endured no further pain during her period, not even a twinge and we are eagerly awaiting her next period.  Yep I know – that sounds really weird and a little creepy haha but the good news is that her following period also was pain-free.

The confirmations and results from this session reminded me of another incidence last year where I scanned a person with endometriosis and sensed three dark energies within her reproductive area.  Although further information from the energy scan was confirmed on the day, she never went to a healing session.  And I get it, this kind of stuff can be quite confronting and really challenges belief systems.

But it does make me wonder if some of the painful disorders that afflict our bodies could be the result of negative emotions or energies dwelling within…  I mean holistically speaking, it is possible.  It is definitely a theory that I will research more.

But for now I’m happy.  Another person is pain free and has found their freedom through Forensic Healing!

Past Life Therapy

Do you know those moments when you remember places that you have never visited, or you see someone that you instantly recognise although you have never met them before? Well, those memories are real, and they are probably from another time.

The human body contains millions of cells that are constantly communicating with each other. Each cell stores information. Information that has come from current lifetime experiences, genetic or inherited lineage and, from the akashic soul of the person.

Unexplained fears, phobias and health impairments could be related to past lives. Emotional blocks and negative patterns can be the result of contracts or vows made in previous lifetimes. All of which are easy to correct and understand through past life regressions.

A Past Life Therapy session is a relaxing meditative process that enables you to retrieve information from one or more of your past lives. Amazingly, this information can free you from a block in your current physical reality in just one session!

Before a past life therapy session begins, the client sets an intention for what they wish to achieve from the session. This is necessary to keep the focus on one relative incident and/or lifetime. Without a set intention it is very probable that the client will drift from one lifetime to another without getting any information that could help them in this lifetime.

The main directive of Past Life Therapy as an alternative healing modality is to bring greater health and wellbeing to the client. As with any energy-based healing modality, it is so important to keep the integrity of this kind of work to its highest level so as not to taint its effectiveness.

The client is then guided via a soft and gentle meditation to travel back in time to recover information relating to their intention. Intentions can range from the lack of self-confidence, infertility, self-sabotage, or simple curiosity of mystic powers. Whatever the intention, it is usually personal and means a lot to the client. What I have found is that the client’s subconscious or innate already knows of the best intention to help with its own personal growth. I have seen the innate and Divine intelligence override any intention that is not based with sincerity or integrity!

For the client, the whole experience is deeply relaxing – and strangely fascinating at the same time. Upon landing in a previous lifetime, you may see events unfold much like watching a movie. Or you may see nothing at all but feel or ‘know’ what is happening, like being inside the main character who may be blind. Most people instantly recognise themselves and can tell me how old they are, what they are wearing, what they are seeing and what era or dimension they may be in. Yes dimensions, which is extremely fascinating!

They often can feel everything that this other self is feeling. As the facilitator, this is important information for me. I can monitor what is going on in case I need to move them forward – or backwards – to another significant moment, or even lifetime depending on what the client is experiencing. My main focus is the health of my client and the key to past life therapy is not to go back to ‘relive’ a past life but to find the information we need for this lifetime.

What is so great about past life therapy is that immediate healing can be achieved through the powerful acknowledgement that current issues are based on past life events. The feeling can be likened to ‘light bulb moments’ as the flash of clarity brings understanding and instantly negates the issue, which is often set as the intention.

Each session concludes with a quick Divine healing and then the client is gently brought back to the present. A glass of water with a short discussion afterwards, assists with grounding the client and further clarity before they leave.

Clients can feel a pleasant tingling sensation running through their body after a session. This is the physical proof that changes are occurring within the client’s genetic/akashic DNA thus providing further confirmation that an issue has been resolved.

Not often but at times, especially when dealing with deeper health issues, a person’s body can feel the effects of nausea, vertigo and/or heat during the session.  This can happen when the body’s consciousness recognises that it does not need to hold that memory anymore and so it immediately starts to repair and alter its genetic/akashic DNA, while the person is still deep in regression. If this should occur, the session is immediately brought to a safe and gentle close.  Time is allowed for the body to return to normal, while discussing the session over a glass of water.

This has happened twice when I was working with clients who were wanting children and had tried other means but with no results.  These sessions were deep and specifically tailored to infertility.  I am pleased and quite proud to say that both clients became pregnant only a week after the session and have beautiful, healthy babies.

When working with a person’s energy field or subconscious, it is very important to remember that their energy remains very attached to their physical body. Changes in the energy field will affect the physical body. Everything is connected.

Sessions are tailored to the client and kept highly confidential.  A recording of the session is done for reference only, and a copy of the recording can be sent to the client. Listening back to the recording is encouraged as the therapist only hears what has been spoken out loud. Quite often the client recalls a lot more when listening to the recording.

So whether it is out of curiosity, or to release fears and phobias, or to acquire a deeper understanding of your Infinite Self, Past Life Therapy offers a truly unique experience!



The Great Fall

I believe everything happens for a reason and when unusual events happen, I always like to look for the reasons – or messages – behind it.

Why? Because the whys behind an event will always distract you and can even hold you captive within that moment of shock, and pain. Seeking the metaphysical answers can often offer solace, a wider perspective and a whole lot of understanding. With the focus taken off the whys, you are now in a better position to direct your focus to where it really needs to be – in the healing!

I tripped across a wooden decking, landing hard upon a concrete path and broke my left shoulder in three places.  To take the pain (!!) out of this random event, I light-heartedly nicknamed it, the Great Fall.

Before the Great Fall I was feeling emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausted by holding three casual jobs every week.  Casual work means ‘no work no pay’ so I was feeling trapped with no choices or progress anywhere, and definitely not where I was wanting to be in life.  I remember telling my daughter the night before the Great Fall… “I seriously need a decent break – from everything!!!”   (Hmmm…three jobs, three breaks)

Future tip: never use the word ‘break’!  The Universe can be cryptic and literal at the same time, so try using the word ‘holiday’ instead.

Everything Happens For A Reason – that’s the basis for holistic healing.

Metaphysically, the shoulder represents ‘shouldering the burden’ or ‘overwhelming responsibilities’. Other key words are; feeling rejected, unsure and discouraged as well as holding onto too much stress, strain and worry.

The left side typically represents the past, but it can also relate to a significant female, and sometimes both. The left shoulder can often represent affairs of the heart; like feeling emotionally broken.

If you’re suffering from a painful left shoulder, it could relate to shouldering the pain of a broken heart.  Perhaps look at letting go of any emotional pain from the past (cord-cutting and Forensic Healing is great for this) and start showering yourself in self-love and loving energies.  Learn to embrace love infused meditations. No one deserves to be in constant pain, and this includes ourselves.

On my right side, my wrist was sprained with suspected fractures, and my elbow and knee had severe bruising and abrasions from the initial impact.

Metaphysically, the right side of the body represents the future or taking the motion forward.  The wrist symbolises feeling chained, stuck, overworked. It can also represent difficulty in letting go of pain, stress and fear that binds you.

The elbow represents stagnation, limitation and frustration, as well as lacking awareness of your own needs (!)

The knee relates to frustration, inflexibility, anger and feeling stuck. It also refers to unfulfilled dreams, unresolved family issues and a fear of moving forward.

Pretty amazing and accurate stuff!  When I look back, I can see how much I was ignoring my own needs and emotions.  When you go through the feelings of loss, grief and heartache it is very easy to suppress these emotions.  Initially, we do this as a way of dealing with smaller doses of pain, much like a way of self-preservation.  However, we never want to allow the deeper hurt to come to the surface (the smaller doses were enough!) and so we continue our way through the fog and denial.  That is until the day comes that we cannot hold the pain inside anymore and it has to come out.  For me, the Universe stepped in and allowed me the space and time to deal with all that loss.

This Was No Ordinary Fall

One of the strangest things about the Great Fall is that I remember knocking my jaw against the pathway. I recall seeing the little coloured pebbles firmly embedded into the concrete right there before my eyes.  My first thought was ‘Oh great. How am I going to cover this up for class tomorrow?”  But as I rolled onto my back, and stared up at the bluest sky I had seen, I knew this was no ordinary fall.

I was lying on the ground for a few long minutes before my sister and mother came running outside to give aid.  The first thing they said when they saw me was, “OMG her face!” and then despairingly, “OMG your face” …

They both have described the nasty and bloodied graze across my left jawline. I still remember the look on their faces as they stared at my obvious injury and remember both of them telling me not to worry.  My sister told me later she was surprised to see such a large purple flash that ran up the left side of my face.

The pain in my shoulder became so intense that I forgot all about it.  The ambulance came and the focus of the emergency ward was directed on my shoulder break.  Until the next day when my sister asked what was with my face. No one had tended to my face the whole night.  No one had to… because there was nothing there. Not even a scratch.

Repair And Recovery

The day after seeing the initial x-rays in emergency, I began the energy sessions on my shoulder. I have been able to heal broken bones before, but this time I would be working on my own bones. When I saw the orthopaedic doctor the following week, he warned me that shoulder breaks are far more slower to heal than other bones and by the looks of the initial x-ray, a plate and screws would be necessary.  I was looking at 9-12 months of repair and recovery – and surgery was imminent!

But before I could agree to surgery, I needed to see a recent x-ray. After explaining I was an energy healer and I had been doing energy sessions on my shoulder for a week, the doctor reluctantly agreed to a CT and further x-rays to be done within 24hrs.

At my next appointment the following week, another x-ray was done on my shoulder to confirm what had shown up in the follow up x-rays.  In only two weeks, my shoulder has shown a marked improvement. The severe break has already begun fusing itself to the main bone. The pain has lessened, and everything was looking good.  I was told that surgery would no longer be required.  Phew!

I continued the energy sessions and began speaking ‘love’ to my shoulder.  Actually this is a form of speaking to the cells with positive, inspirational and loving words.  This simple technique has further accelerated the healing process and after only three months, the broken piece of bone has returned to its natural position.

At my last check up, I was told that the broken bone in my shoulder is now ‘anatomically correct’ and that the only thing I seem to have now is a ‘stiff shoulder’.  Seems I forgot about repairing the muscles and tendons.  All good… I’m on it!

Curing My CFS

I came across Forensic Healing while looking for alternative healing methods for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). I had been told by doctors that CFS was a chronic illness with no cure and very little help to manage the symptoms like extreme fatigue, brain fog, chronic mental exhaustion, muscular aches, painful feet, slurred speech, and the list goes on. But I was an energy healer (oh, the irony to endure such a debilitating illness that is based on having no energy!) So I knew that all illnesses were a result from an imbalance within my energy field. I just had to find those imbalances – and then correct them.

At first I was the ‘guinea pig’ to what worked and what didn’t. I love alternative therapies and the good news is that many healing modalities offered relief from some of my symptoms while some others offered insights into what had contributed towards the illness. Everything helps when you are dealing with a chronic illness! But I was still suffering the debilitating effects of CFS relapses.

Then I discovered the wonderful world of Forensic Healing! This incredible healing system was introduced to the world by the equally fabulous and inspirationalaa-fh-pic.png Marisa Russo who created this modality from years of research into curing her own ailments. Forensic Healing holds the power to instantly resolve numerous health issues whether they stem from emotional, mental, physical or spiritual origins.

Pain and illness can often be the result of an imbalance within the body and can be a valuable teacher in alerting us to what is not in alignment. But true healing is much more than alleviating pain and symptoms. True healing is what Forensic Healing can offer us.

Forensic Healing (FH) identifies and eliminates the root cause through simple muscle testing and the trustworthy ‘protocol’ given to FH practitioners. With the new Soul module added to the original manual, there are now 100+ healing corrections available and each session is tailored to the client.

Through this modality, healing is achieved on many layers providing lasting health benefits, clarity and empowerment for every individual.   Chronic illnesses including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), usually consist of deep layers of illness that have accumulated and/or been suppressed over time. With Forensic Healing, I was able to work through each layer, and identify each and every one easily. My symptoms began to diminish as each area I worked on removed another trigger. It was the triggers that were creating the symptoms. Before I knew it, my good days were lasting longer, and I was making plans for the future! My life was not over. I did not have to get used to being bedbound for the rest of my life. Through the following weeks, I was regaining control over my life and wellbeing. The relapses were few and far between and it felt good! I was even looking forward to exercising =\

Forensic Healing can unlock the deepest secrets hidden within your subconscious mind and energy field for quick and effective clearing and healing. One of the most commonly praised aspects of Forensic Healing is that in many cases the healing can take place without needing to verbalise the issue or re-experience any traumatic events. And healing is often instantaneous!

Today I am healthy, outgoing and enjoying life again. I have been working for 3 years now and have never experienced another relapse. I’m even a part-time dance instructor! Big step from five years ago when I couldn’t dress myself or even walk to my bedroom door.

The first two photos below shows me in 2014 unable to move during a relapse and my between day.  The third photo is me the following year after removing the triggers.  Notice my eyes became blue again!

The CFS journey

I am so indebted to this fabulous modern healing system that I became a Diploma certified Forensic Healer. It had done so much for me – it freed me from a life sentence – that all I wanted to do was help other people who were stuck in a similar situation like I was. Since then I have enjoyed helping so many to break through those walls to find their freedom.

I know I definitely found my freedom through Forensic Healing ❤