Forensic Healing

Welcome to the wonderful world of Forensic Healing!

Created by the internationally acclaimed and equally fabulous Marisa Russo, Forensic Healing can unlock the deepest secrets hidden within your subconscious mind and energy field for quick and effective clearing.

Pain and adverse symptoms are often the result of an imbalance within the body and can be a valuable teacher in alerting us to when something is not in alignment.  But true healing is much more than alleviating pain and symptoms.

Forensic Healing is able to achieve healing on all layers providing lasting health benefits, clarity and empowerment for every individual.

The most common cause of any ailment is often related to the negative imprints of stress or trauma.  These are often suppressed and can even be inherited!  With Forensic Healing, healing can take place without ever needing to verbalise or re-live an event.  The imprint is simply removed, freeing you from the past so you can enjoy the present.

Combining a scientific approach with energy medicine, Forensic Healing has the ability to find the deepest cause of any health concern.  It’s like having your very own forensic team finding the true cause of your ailment – and then removing it.  Case closed!

I came across Forensic Healing while looking for alternative healing methods for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).  I had been told that CFS was a chronic illness with no cure and very little recovery.   The irony was that I was an energy healer so I knew all illnesses were a result from an imbalance within my own energy field.  I just had to find those imbalances – and correct them.

During my time with CFS, I discovered that many alternative healing modalities offer welcome relief from symptoms while others simply offered insights into what had contributed towards the illness.   But everything helps when you are dealing with a chronic illness!

When I discovered the wonderful world of Forensic Healing, life changed for the better.  Suddenly life was making sense and I was fast-tracked to recovery.


This incredible healing system holds the power to instantly resolve numerous health and wellbeing issues whether they originate from past or present emotional, mental, physical or spiritual events.

With over 90 healing corrections available, each session is unique and tailored towards the client’s highest priority.  All sessions are conducted privately with compassion and integrity, with the ultimate focus on creating health and empowerment for the individual.

If you would like to experience the benefits of a Forensic Healing session, please contact Tani on 0431 622 143 or by email:    A standard 20% concession rate is available with all services; conditions apply. 


Holistic Wisdom


The word ‘holistic’ is defined as ‘pertaining to a whole’.   So with this in mind, Holistic Healing is the practice of treating the body as a whole entity; mind, body and soul.  All connected as one.

Often too much emphasis is placed on treating the symptoms and not the actual cause of the problem.  Holistic healing looks at the symptoms as simply the body’s way of letting us know what is going on within the body.  With this in mind, holistic healers are able to address the imbalances and work with their client in clearing them.

In some cases, even simple acknowledgement can create major breakthroughs in achieving better health.   The very foundation of holistic wisdom is that everything really does happen for a reason!