Lockdown Chaos & Creations

Anxiety, bewilderment, confusion, chaos… for some reason the energies are feeling pretty intense right now. This can also create physical symptoms like nausea, fatigue, mind fog, headaches and generally an all-round slump in your energy. And that is understandable considering the information overload that has been coming through in the last few weeks. A lotContinue reading “Lockdown Chaos & Creations”

Endo or Entity

Before I start, I want to enforce that in no way can I diagnose a medical condition.  As an energy therapist, I can only correct an energetic imbalance in the goal to eliminate symptoms presented to me at the time of my clients session.   But todays session was interesting and certainly thought-provoking. I workedContinue reading “Endo or Entity”

Past Life Therapy

Do you know those moments when you remember places that you have never visited, or you see someone that you instantly recognise although you have never met them before? Well, those memories are real, and they are probably from another time. The human body contains millions of cells that are constantly communicating with each other.Continue reading “Past Life Therapy”

The Great Fall

I believe everything happens for a reason and when unusual events happen, I always like to look for the reasons – or messages – behind it. Why? Because the whys behind an event will always distract you and can even hold you captive within that moment of shock, and pain. Seeking the metaphysical answers can oftenContinue reading “The Great Fall”

Curing My CFS

I came across Forensic Healing while looking for alternative healing methods for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). I had been told by doctors that CFS was a chronic illness with no cure and very little help to manage the symptoms like extreme fatigue, brain fog, chronic mental exhaustion, muscular aches, painful feet, slurred speech, and theContinue reading “Curing My CFS”