Energy healing is a complementary and alternative method of healing. It does not replace medical advice or treatments but can often alleviate pain, discomfort, and reduce symptoms. Energy healing greatly assists the body in its natural healing process so please inform your doctor if you are undergoing any alternative or holistic therapies.

All healing sessions are performed with the client fully clothed and in a comfortable position. Concession holders are entitled to 20% discount – conditions apply.

FORENSIC HEALING $125 per hour

Combining science, logic and energy this internationally acclaimed modality has the tools to go straight to the source of chronic pain and ailments, call them out and correct the imbalances. Forensic Healing offers over 100 correction pathways to achieve healing on every layer providing long lasting health benefits and empowerment for every individual. Find your freedom with Forensic Healing!


Go back through time to find the patterns and blocks holding you back in this lifetime. Discover hidden traits, past lives and gain insights from the deepest parts of your subconscious. Receive valuable messages from your higher self through Soul Recall. Explore the past to free the present with this relaxing meditative experience.

REIKI SESSIONS $80 per hour

Reiki is a powerful and gentle form of energy healing that brings health and wellbeing to the entire physical, emotional and spiritual body.  Use Reiki for perfect relaxation and stress relief or for regular maintenance of your etheric and physical body.

HANDS ON HEALING $60 per 30 mins

These ‘on the spot’ sessions offer a concentrated form of channelled energy to provide deep accelerated healing.  Commonly used for pain relief, sprains, broken bones, knotted muscles, arthritis, and other various ailments.    

CHAKRA BALANCE $60 per 30 mins

A hectic lifestyle, workload and family life can throw your energy centres out of alignment.  Chakra balancing restores calm, clarity and vitality.  Take time out and re-center yourself through a relaxing chakra balance.

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