Alternative Therapies

We all hold the potential to create an incredible world for ourselves and for future generations.  But before we can bring that potential to the surface, we need to clear & heal the wounds of the past, many of which we have carried since childhood.  Natural alternative therapies such as energy healing methods allows us to do clear these quickly, safely and easily.

“When you begin to understand that every little thing is made up of energy, it makes sense that energy can also help to heal the broken parts of us…”  Tani – Dip.FH,Dip.MHH,ET 


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Reiki Sessions       $80

Reiki involves channelling Universal Life Energy to gently restore balance and clear stagnant energy.  Reiki greatly enhances your health and wellbeing on all levels.  Sessions are approx. 50-60 minutes.  Choose from the following Reiki therapy sessions:

Relax with Reiki:

These sessions combines traditional Reiki methods, aromatherapy and soothing sounds to give you a most enjoyable and relaxing experience while still receiving the health benefits of Reiki

Crystal Reiki:

Combine the serenity of Reiki with the magic of Atlantis!  Crystal Reiki sessions combines traditional Reiki methods with the powerful etheric properties of crystals to enhance overall health and wellbeing.

Infusion Reiki:

Divinely guided and assisted, these popular Reiki sessions combine channelled energy healing, crystal healing and ancient shamanic methods to clear negative energies, receive insights, and support  Higher Consciousness.


Intensive Energy Sessions       $120

Forensic Healing

Created by the internationally acclaimed Marisa Russo, this modern healing modality infuses science, quantum physics, and energy healing through muscle testing to get to the core of any ailment.  Forensic Healing now offers over 100 correction pathways, including the latest Soul Module, to achieve healing on every layer providing long lasting health benefits and empowerment for every individual. This modality largely helped me to cure myself of a debilitating chronic illness and return to enjoying life!

Past Life Therapy

Journey back into your akashic past to seek answers, discover hidden mysteries, and gain insights.  Discover what is creating the blocks or negative patterns in this lifetime through a safe and relaxing meditative process.  These sessions are a great way to delve into your own characteristics and heal past wounds.  Sessions are recorded (optional)


30 Minute Sessions       $60

Hands On Healing

These popular ‘on the spot’ sessions offer a concentrated form of channelled energy to provide deep accelerated healing.   Commonly used for pain relief and reducing inflammation, relaxing knotted muscles as well as repairing broken bones.  Perfect for cell regeneration, relieving arthritis, post-surgery recovery and resolving long-standing back issues.

Chakra Balance

Take time out and re-centre yourself through a relaxing chakra balance.  A hectic lifestyle, workload and family life can throw your energy centres out of alignment very quickly!  Chakra balancing restores calm, clarity and vitality.

Personal Consultations

Not sure where to start?  These private consultations address the issues as well as the effective methods to safely assist in correcting the underlying imbalances.  You can also pair it with a chakra balance (additional $60) to get the ultimate session for clarity and wellbeing.  Begin your healing today!


Soul Destiny Profile       $111

Its Written In The Stars!

There are times we all wish we had our very own life manual to refer to. Well, now we do!  Combining Astrology and Numerology, the Soul Destiny Profile provides the clarity to make your current and future life choices so much easier.  The Soul Destiny Profile includes your Natal Chart, Current Name Analysis and Karmic Lessons.


DISCLAIMER – Energy healing is a complementary and alternative method of healing.  Although it does not replace medical diagnosis, advice or treatments, Energy Healing has been shown to greatly assist the body in it’s natural healing process.  Energy medicine is commonly used for alleviating pain, discomfort as well as greatly reducing symptoms, among many other miraculous health benefits.  It is advised that you inform your doctor if you are undergoing any alternative or holistic therapies.  All healing sessions are performed with the client fully clothed and relaxing comfortably.